Hannibal Square Reporter, New Digital Scholarship & Experiential Learning Project!

Check out The Hannibal Square Reporter: Historical Simulation, another amazing project from the always amazing Dr. Julian Chambliss and his students (one student on this one, Kenneth Cox), at Rollins!
As explained on the “About Critical Making” page:

The Hannibal Square Reporter is an experiential learning project that builds on multiple semesters of research and classroom learning about the local community. The Department of History offers majors the opportunity to explore community based research assignments under our Applied History course within our developmental curriculum. This project highlights a critical making pedagogical process that stresses creation as a means of acquiring historical knowledge. The finished project serves as public demonstration of knowledge integration and creates a digital artifact that allows the historical information to reach a public audience.

This is a project from a single semester, which is never long enough, and the choose your own adventure style format gives information about and context for Hannibal Square, segregation, how both illegal and legal practices prevented Black voters from participating in politics, the role of newspapers and political parties, and more. This is a great context for a project done in a single semester, and one that is part of the larger portfolio of projects that Dr. Julian Chambliss leads as part of his leadership on a program of activities relating to Digital History, Public History, Applied History, Public Engagement, and so much more! Thanks to Julian for sharing more great work with us! I also know I need to, if Julian’s available, ask him to speak to my upcoming classes on his work, blending research and teaching, engaged teaching and research, and more!


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