''Negritude, Ethnicity & Afro Cultures in the Americas,'' sponsored by Florida International University (FIU), a three day conference in 1987

I’m in Miami at the wonderful and amazing Florida International University (FIU) for meetings on the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC, www.dLOC.com) in preparing for the upcoming Association of Caribbean University, Research & Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) Conference in June in Haiti. We’re all super excited to have new team members on dLOC join us for ACURIL this year! In the meetings today, we were also able to meet with FIU’s Special Collections, where I learned of FIU’s 1987 conference ”Negritude, Ethnicity & Afro Cultures in the Americas.” This amazing conference was covered in The New York Times, and speakers included Aime Cesaire, Leopold S. Senghor, Maya Angelou, and Alex Haley (seriously, read the amazing write-up in the NYT which covers the amazingness of the conference, and of FIU in making it happen). The conference sounds so incredible, and I wish I could have attended. And, maybe I’ll still get to, in a way, because FIU’s Special Collections holds tapes and floppies (the big 5 1/4 ones) of files from the conference, and these are planned for digitization in the future! I’m sharing in excitement on FIU’s great workpast and ongoing work!


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