UF Event: iSTEAM seminar: "What is Augmented Reality Criticism?" Sept. 2, 3-4pm

Please join us for an exciting talk blending the humanities, arts, and sciences with iSTEAM– a series of talks highlighting exciting and innovative research and inventions at the University of Florida.
What is Augmented Reality Criticism?
Wednesday, September 2 at 3-4 pm in Marston Science Library L136
Have you ever experienced the physical world through a smartphone or a head-mounted display?  Find out from Professor Sid Dobrin and Jacob Greene (TRACE, Department of English) how augmented reality criticisms in­fluence positive political and cultural change by overlaying digital information onto physical objects.
Learn about the latest “SeeWorld” project, created to educate SeaWorld visitors about unethical practices in the parks.
Typically accessible by looking at the physical world through through the lens of a device such as a smartphone or head-mounted display, Augmented Reality (AR) is any overlaying of digital content (images, video, text, sound, etc.) on top of physical objects, texts, or locations. Novel applications of AR continue to surface alongside the emergence of these increasingly powerful mobile computing technologies; museums are beginning to integrate AR content into their displays, companies are promoting AR apps in lieu of print or even web-based catalogs, and engineering firms are creating AR applications that reveal their often invisible work.
Housed in UF’s Department of English, the Trace innovation initiative is a media studies publishing hub that promotes the creation, circulation, and distribution of Augmented Reality Criticism (ARCs). Trace ARCs actively work to catalyze positive political and cultural change in relation to specific social issues by overlaying critical, digital content onto physical objects, texts, and locations. For our presentation, we will present a brief overview of the technical and editorial process of planning, creating, and distributing an. ARC project. In addition, we will discuss several ARC projects currently under development through Trace, including Trace’s “SeeWorld” project, which educates SeaWorld visitors about unethical labor and animal captivity practices occurring in the parks.
For more information please contact Valrie Minson (vdavis@ufl.edu) or Sara Gonzalez (saragonz@ufl.edu).
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