ACURIL Notes, Wikipedia pages needed for prominent Surinamese Awarded at ACURIL

Caveat: I’m tired and so posting notes that are really just notes-to-self. I’m tired for all great reasons with a fabulous first conference day of ACURIL 2015 in Suriname! I include this caveat because I’m posting this without checking to see if the folks noted do have Wikipedia pages (and, if so, in which languages, etc.). I’m posting without checking to have this readily available for me (or others, please work on these and I’ll post new lists!) because it’s always handy to have a short, discrete list of people/places needing Wikipedia entries of links for a class assignment. With the Digital Humanities Graduate Studio Course in Spring 2016, I’m posting this now as a short note to myself for a possible quick exercise in class.
Note to self for possible in-class activity/assignment:
Wikipedia pages needed for prominent Surinamese (and linked to main entry for Suriname under notable natives), awarded in the Tribute to Cultural Icons during ACURIL’s 45th Conference in June 2015:
Betty Sedoc-Dahlberg, Scholar
Erwin de Vries, Artist (has a page in Dutch)
Andre Loor, Historian
Loes Polak-Ensberg, Librarian
Cynthia McLeod-Ferrier, Historian & Storyteller
Ine Tsai Meu Chong, Librarian
Carmen Ottenvanger-Fazal Alikhan, Librarian
Mavis Noordwijk, Musician

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