Videos for the SobekCM Training Series for Curators and Collection Managers

Videos from the SobekCM Training webinars are on the SobekCM YouTube channel:
The training videos include the session SobekCM and Metadata: Submitting & Editing Resources which covers a discussion of the rich metadata support within SobekCM, how to manage metadata for digital projects within SobekCM, and demos creating new items online, editing items online, uploading files, etc. The video showcases the awesomeness of SobekCM’s online tools for creating and editing metadata, and the new multi-file upload tool, which was just released this week!
The SobekCM Training Series for Curators & Collection Managers is designed to support curator, collection manager, scholar, data manager, and other core user group needs for managing and supporting digital collections and digital scholarship projects.