"Teaching, Researching, and Doing" presentation by Roger Whitson

Today UF 2nd Annual Digital Humanities Day + Interface Faculty Seminar will be held in the UF Smathers Library, Room 1A. The event has a keynote, lightning rounds, and breakout sessions with presenters sharing on new technologies for research and teaching, and the blending, merging, and mutually informing work of research and teaching. As I’m getting ready to go over to the room to get things set up (handouts, wait for others to arrive and open doors, set up chairs, etc.), I saw Roger Whitson’s wonderful and wonderfully appropriate presentation notes for “teaching, researching, doing,” a talk he gave at Washington State University. He states: “I was asked to present with Augusta Rohrbach on the ‘futures’ of literary study, and I decided to focus on pedagogy as — itself — the future of literary study.”  His full presentation is well worth reading, and always it’s exciting to see how people are thinking and writing about changes and ongoing needs and excellence for research and teaching.

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