SobekCM: 6+ million views in a month, a new milestone!

Last month, I joyously announced that a single SobekCM host had served over 100 million views! Now, I’m pleased to share that a single SobekCM host has served over 6 million views in a single month! This is a new milestone, up from a previous high of over 4 million views in a single month. The ever-increasing usage speaks to the quality of the content and to the quality of SobekCM for being able to support so much human usage as well as the exponentially higher robot-usage, which supporting human usage by ensuring materials are well placed in search engine rankings with fast system times being an important factor for robots that feeds over into processing for search engine optimization.
The increase in usage shows the sheer size, scope, and capacity of SobekCM. A single instance of it hosted for Florida contains over 8.3 million pages, and so over 40 million digital files, and this past month saw 6 million human user views alone! Thanks to all of the patrons, library and other collection creators who are sharing their materials, and SobekCM’s technical team for making this happen!
More about SobekCM
SobekCM allows users to discover online resources via semantic and full-text searches, as well as a variety of different browse mechanisms. For each digital resource in the repository there are a plethora of display options, which may be selected by an appropriately authenticated use. This repository includes online metadata editing and online submissions in support of institutional repositories.This software was developed at the University of Florida Libraries by Mark Sullivan, with much input from the UF Libraries and is released as open source software under the GNU GPL license.
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