News: SobekCM's new thumbnail view

Following last week’s great news celebrating 100 million views from a single SobekCM instance at Florida and the birthday of the SobekCM software, there’s more good news again. This time, the good news is for an improved display. Plus, this good news is part of more coming good news on added functionality.
The current good news is on SobekCM’s new thumbnail view. The new thumbnail view is fancier and cleaner looking than before, and allows users to select the size of their thumbnails. The Brothers Grimm’s Little Brother & Little Sister illustrated by Arthur Rackham is shown here with 250 thumbnails per page, and thumbnails of the medium size. The new thumbnail view looks incredible.
Even more impressive is that this new view is only part of the new release. After all, TEI support was just added last week and so a new release just happened (and with added features and no problems, which is always nice). The upcoming new release will again enrich the features without causing any problems, and the new feature is online Quality Control. This is such great news! The SobekCM Quality Control tool is already part of the desktop tools with the SobekCM toolbox and dLOC Toolkit, and now it will be full online. The screenshot below is an example of the developing online QC, which will soon be released (with much happiness from the user community, and updated screenshots for others who are interested).
SobekCM Online QC tool
Thanks again to the growing local SobekCM team and the wider user community for constantly making SobekCM better, and making it easier to do the work for digital libraries and data curation, while making it more fun and faster to do the work, and, above all, making it more rewarding to do the work with millions of users and views!