New Resources for the Evaluation of Digital Scholarship

Evaluation methods for scholarship (for improvement, validation, impact, and scholarly and administrative processes, among other concerns) is always of interest for academia, and the evaluation of digital work is currently of great interest. There are a number of great resources for evaluating digital scholarship, and new resources appearing regularly.
dh+lib: where the digital humanities and librarianship meet recently published “Evaluating DH Work: Guidelines for Librarians” earlier this month. The piece focuses on evaluations for librarian’s digital humanities work. I’m happy to note that efforts underway at the University of Florida Libraries for Facilitated Peer Review are listed in the references and further reading for this article.
Also recently, the Journal of Digital Humanities has republished Geoffrey Rockwell’s excellent “Short Guide to Evaluation of Digital Work” and a number of other great articles within an issue focused on evaluation, “Closing the Evaluation Gap“.