Anvil Academic has Launched

Anvil Academic is a new all-digital scholarly open publisher. As the Anvil Academic homepage explains:

Welcome to Anvil Academic, a pioneering, exclusively digital scholarly publisher. We bring the analog publishing world’s traditional editorial rigor to the emerging world of digitally mediated humanities scholarship.

In the electronically networked world of contemporary scholarship, the traditional role of the publisher as gatekeeper and paid distributor of scholarly argument is no longer tenable. Yet the editorial services a publisher provides to authors and the filtering service it provides to readers and promotion-and-tenure committees are more important in the Internet age than ever before. Scholarship cannot advance properly in the digitally mediated academy unless the role of publisher can be reinvented. This reinvention calls for new forms of publication, financial models, editorial skills, and peer review—all critical parts of the Anvil experiment.

See more on the Anvil Academic site, including their news and updates.