Metafilm: The Cabin in the Woods

I’d read on Brendan Riley’s blog that The Cabin in the Woods was great and completely not what it sounds like from the title. Knowing Brendan’s excellent taste as a filmwatcher and a teacher, I recently saw The Cabin in the Woods despite my initial thoughts that it was an automatic reject based on the title.
As expected based on Brendan’s review, the film is excellent and not at all what would be expected based on the title. It’s a fun film to watch and would be incredibly useful in an undergraduate film class when speaking about film genres, tropes, norms, expectations, and so on, and it would be an excellent lead-in to discussions on forking paths, experimental designs, and playful texts.  I’m interested in seeing syllabi if people are teaching with The Cabin in The Woods now or if they plan to teach using it in the future.
Update: after posting, slight reword on the first sentence for clarity.