Event@UF: Jane McGonigal: Author and world-renowned gaming expert

University of Florida Event on October 4, 2011, 6pm:
Jane McGonigal: Author and world-renowned gaming expert
Jane McGonigal, PhD, is an expert on alternate reality games and a renowned game developer. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. She has appeared at TED, the New Yorker, and the Web 2.0 summit, among others. Business Week has named her “one of the top 10 innovators to watch.” Watch Jane McGonigal on the Colbert Report.
Text above from the Bob Graham Center for Public Service and available directly from the Center website here.
McGonigal is famous for “I Love Bees” and so many other experiments with games, experimental games, ARGs, and more. Her work is extremely exciting for pushing the theoretical definitions of games/gaming and for real world implications and applications. There’s too much for me to cover here, and her website is the best place for more information: http://janemcgonigal.com/
(The categories on this blog post may be my worst labeling attempt to date. Her work informs everything and I don’t know exactly what her presentation will cover.  So, I just selected a variety of categories without any real logic for doing so.)