Call for applications: Reviews Editor, Digital Humanities Quarterly

The full call is below. This is a fabulous opportunity because Digital Humanities Quarterly ( is such an excellent publication. It’s open access, which is critical to dissemination of scholarship. Most importantly, it’s woven into the full spectrum of the dynamic digital humanities community (speculative computing, how to do traditional humanities with computing, new humanities questions made possible through technology and posed by technology, technologies and tools, data mining, etc). The call below came out over the CenterNet list, which is another amazing resource worth subscribing to by anyone interested in digital humanities.
Call for applications: Reviews Editor, Digital Humanities Quarterly
DHQ is seeking one or more new Reviews Editors to recruit and oversee reviews of all forms of digital humanities publication. The Reviews Editors work as a team to solicit and edit reviews of books, software tools, digital publications, and other appropriate reviewable content. The goal is to cultivate an active, international group of reviewers who can cover the full range of DH-related topics and publications in multiple languages.
You are: a wide reader, passionate about some area of digital humanities, interested in helping to shape the field, able to work as part of a geographically distributed team.
We are: an open-access online journal of digital humanities, published by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations at We publish a wide range of material on all areas of digital humanities research and practice. Although the journal is currently published almost entirely in English, we are interested in reviewing DH publications from all languages.
To apply, please send email to with the following information:
1. Background: who are you and what do you do?
2. What do you think makes for a good book, site, or software review?
3. In what geographic or linguistic areas could you cultivate a pool of reviewers? How would you go about cultivating such a pool?
4. With what research domain(s) within the DH research community are you most closely connected?
5. What is the realistic time commitment you could make to this role? How would it fit in with your other activities?
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