GPO's 150th Year Anniversary Celebration

The US Government Printing Office (GPO) is celebrating its 150th anniversary! Congratulations GPO!
And, congratulations to all of us, who benefit from GPO’s work and from the closely related Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). FDLP is an early and brilliant program in collaborative library operations to ensure access and preservation.
The University of Florida Libraries is the FDLP Regional Depository Library for Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The University of Florida is also a core partner in similar collaborative programs that date back multiple decades, like the current Digital Library of the Caribbean which has an over 80 year history of collaborative preservation and access work using microfilm and now digital technologies.
The FDLP website explains FDLP:

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Government’s information. Since 1813, depository libraries have safeguarded the public’s right to know by collecting, organizing, maintaining, preserving, and assisting users with information from the Federal Government. The FDLP provides Government information at no cost to designated depository libraries throughout the country and territories. These depository libraries, in turn, provide local, no-fee access to Government information in an impartial environment with professional assistance.

As institutions committed to equity of access and dedicated to free and unrestricted public use, the nation’s nearly 1,250 depository libraries serve as one of the vital links between “We the people” and our Government. Anyone can visit Federal depository libraries and use the Federal depository collections which are filled with information on careers, business opportunities, consumer information, health and nutrition, legal and regulatory information, demographics, and numerous other subjects. (citation)

News story below from

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) kicked off its 150 year anniversary celebration on June 23, 2010. GPO was created when President James Buchanan signed Joint Resolution 25 on June 23, 1860. GPO opened its doors for business nine months later on March 4, 1861, the same day Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office becoming the 16th President of the United States. GPO began celebrating this milestone with an event that honored its current and retired employees. Public Printer Bob Tapella and Archivist David Ferriero unveiled a facsimile of the seven-page handwritten document that created the agency.
“When you think about GPO’s rich history and what has made GPO successful for the past 150 years, it’s our hardworking employees,” said Public Printer Bob Tapella. “GPO is a family business. We have families who have contributed to this agency that span three and four generations. It’s that dedication which has made GPO one of the largest printing, secure credentialing and digital information facilities in the world.”
As part of the celebration, GPO launched a Web page devoted to the agency’s 150 year history that includes portraits of past public printers as well as a video of the history of GPO. To learn more about the history of the GPO, GPO has reissued 100 GPO Years, 1861-1961, which can be purchased from the U.S. Government Bookstore. Read the GPO press release.

Congrats again to GPO, and to all of those who participate in FDLP!