Electronic Literature Organization Conference

Normally, I try not to editorialize much on news releases, but ELO folks are doing great research in a great scholarly community. Not only is the research cutting edge, theoretically exciting, and critically needed, the ELO community is vibrant and friendly.  Sadly, I always seem to have conflicts with ELO Conferences. I wish I could make this one, and I heartily encourage others to attend so that I can read about the conference (living vicariously this year, and hopefully being able to attend the next one).
News release:

Brown University, Literary Arts Program hosts the 4th International Conference and Festival of the Electronic Literature Organization (http://eliterature.org). The conference – ‘ELO_AI: Archive and Innovate’ – also honors the Program’s long-standing prompter of writing in digital media and virtuoso of postmodern fiction, Professor Robert Coover. Prof. Coover and Brown were involved with the founding of the ELO and there will be presentations on his work and his contribution to the field. Apart from conference papers, artists talks, and an ‘undergraduate quickfire plenary,’ there will be gallery shows, a performance event, two screenings, and workshops – these latter events all open to the public. Accumulating details, a registration page, and contact information on the website: http://ai.eliterature.org.

As the ELO itself put it …

“Returning to the site of Coover’s own ‘Unspeakable Acts, Unnatural Practices’ events, this conference offers a chance to stop and celebrate all the directions electronic literature has gone in the intervening years.

“Now is the time to register and renew your ELO membership!
[Please note: you must have an active ELO membership to attend.]
“The ELO and the conference organizers at Brown have orchestrated a dynamic structure with an explosive lineup.  To see the featured “seeded speakers” and art installations, click the “Program” link on the left side menu.
“You’ll find travel and accommodation under the “Logistics” tab. Note: You have until May 11 to get the conference rate at the Hilton.”