UF Latin American Collection News

Excerpt from UF’s Latin American Collection News, 2/16/10:
While much of the digitization work at UF has concentrated on the Federally-funded Digital Library of the Caribbean, this is by no means the only effort here to make documents related to Latin American Studies available online.
The UF Digital Center is developing other projects, such as:
Women in Development:
An interdisciplinary collection enjoying the generous support of individuals who pioneered this field in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa
Panama and the Canal:
Initial site for a developing partnership between the UF Libraries and the Panama Canal Museum
UF Institutional Repository:
See instructions here for including your thesis, dissertation or other UF research reports
World Studies Collections:
Miscellaneous digitized items, including many related to non-Caribbean South America (Andes, Brazil, etc.)
One of the advantages of digital collection-building is that items are easily “shared” between collections, making them available to interested users no matter where they begin their search.  This means that many items can be found in more than one collection.  Begin at: http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/ to search across collections.