Ever-closer to Another Milestone!

The University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC) currently has 109,991 total items, which make up 60,664 different titles (newspapers, serials, and so forth mean one title can have thousands of items so that’s why these numbers differ), for 2,471,489 total pages.
Of that total 34,578 items in 5,067 titles with 512,204 pages have been added since July 1.
Meaning, in only slightly over 3 little-ole months, we added 512,204 pages! That’s over my hoped-for goal–which was set intentionally too high based on what I thought we could do–of 150,000 pages a month! I don’t think I should keep setting unrealistic goals, but it sure is nice to set something at an unrealistically high level and then still exceed it, so this is certainly cause for celebration, but we’ll wait for the next 29,000 pages to load and celebrate at the 2.5 million page level–which we’ll meet only a smidgen over a year after hitting the first 1 million pages (which we did in September of 2007–so less than a year later and a million more pages)!