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I’ve been looking at different tools to allow users to flip through books, in the pretty and easy style of Flash flip books like this one and this one. I made both of these in Flash (editing a template that was freely available online from here), but I’m not a good enough Flash translator to make this do what I’d like it to. I’d like the files to auto-resize to a maximum fixed width to make it easier to automate nice looking versions of the flipbooks. Also, I’d like a simplified version of the files so that I can easily add special components for books that need it, like the Topsys & Turvys book, which needs to be able to be flipped upside-down and back again. Even more than the other options, I’d like to know how to make this happen in OpenLaszlo so I can simultaneously create SWF files for compression and DHTML for open standards for all they bring for preservation and more. The samples are really pretty, but if anyone has suggestions on how I can make them better or the process of making them better, I’d appreciate the help!

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  1. Hi,
    They look really nice and I think you should look into the swdtools so you can convert automatically pdf into swf.
    We are using it on Kiqlo Kiqlosite where the uploaded pdf is automatically converted in swf. It is free to upload as well as to register and sell the items that you are uploading it. You can easily create your own eBook space.
    You can try it out and worst case if you want to make some money you can try to sell your flipping book solution to them 🙂

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