In partnership with the Digital Library of the Caribbean, University of Florida researchers led a collaborative project, which has been awarded $231,093 to host a week-long, in-person workshop and five additional monthly virtual workshops on collaborative Digital Humanities (DH) and Caribbean Studies. The project is entitled Migration, Mobility, and Sustainability: Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities Advanced Institute. The lead researchers will open a call in October to select participants for the program. Participants will gain DH teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of how to utilize digital collections in teaching. The Institute will provide training in tools, processes, and resources for developing lessons, modules, and/or courses. Twenty-six participantsRead More →

“Collaborating with Strangers: Facilitating Workshops in Libraries, Classes, and Nonprofits”  Webinar on August 17, 1pm ET Below is from the ALA press release: Interaction with strangers cultivates creativity and provides opportunities for joining forces to achieve great ends. However, most people tend to avoid talking or working with people they do not know, whether in the library, a classroom, or in academic and nonprofit settings. And to do so is to short-circuit much of the creative potential that is so necessary for innovation, and that organizational stakeholders crave. Enter CoLAB, a workshop developed and presented by Bess G. de Farber at workshops across the country,Read More →

[Updated with more names thanks to Simone Clunie on 7/25/2018, 7/27/2018, and 8/6/2018); updated with names from UF files, on 7/24/2018 at 1:50pm; ] In speaking with the always-inspiring Dr. Julian Chambliss about his public-digital scholarship work and that he’s working on a potential project of 100 best/top, or just 100 of X, I–like most people–also thought about how inspiring work inspires, and how I want to contribute. Anthology and compilation projects are great ways to give overviews and openings to invite researcher and work with greater depth. I’m interested in finding/compiling and collaborating to support more information being available from and about Caribbean librarians,Read More →

I am excited to share the new podcast by Dr. Julian Chambliss (formerly of Rollins College and now at Michigan State University), Reframing History: I am also super excited because Julian recommended Anchor, which he’s using, to me for making podcasts because of the in/on-phone creation and editing tools, ease of use within a 16 week semester frame for teaching and producing podcasts, and wide and integrated distribution. I know Dr. Briley Rasmussen and I have been talking about podcasts and museum education, and I expect to see us on and using Anchor soon, to both make podcasts and of course to listen to Julian’s work!Read More →

I’m generally reading several books at once, depedning on location with different print books in different places (home, office, gym bag because before class is time to read if emails are handled and work is under control, and then always online readings to be done). I also am generally reading for projects and for serendipity. Right now, my major reading threads include Caribbean librarians and librarianship, labor and unions, the nature of work, and socialism. Below are notes from the three books I’ve most recently finished (and finished typing notes on, which often comes much later after reading). Posting here for my reference and inRead More →

POSITION VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Scholarly Communications Librarian Associate University Librarian The Scholarly Communications Librarian is a year-round (12 month) tenure track library faculty position responsible for providing leadership for the Smathers Libraries’ services in support of students and faculty seeking guidance on copyright and intellectual property, as well as outreach and training efforts to build a scholarly communications program in support of Open Access (OA), Open Data activities, and OA publishing at UF. This role includes educating the university community about OA resources and services at UF, scholarly publication modes, and copyright and intellectual property issues and their impact on scholarly inquiry and instruction. The ScholarlyRead More →

The ACURIL Awards for 2018 are being announced, including institutional awards and the Caribbean Information Professional of the Year, and I’m the person being awarded! I am incredibly humbled and honored to be considered and awarded for this. ACURIL is my core professional and scholarly community. Judith Rogers (now retired) was Director of the University of the Virgin Islands Libraries, my mentor, and a leader for all of us. She received this award, so I am all the more humbled and thrilled to be able to follow in her footsteps, or at least I hope I’m doing so–she’s amazing, and I am working to do myRead More →

One of my fantastic colleagues for data analysis, synthesis, and visual presentation now has a website: It’s still day zero (having not yet been a full 24 hours) so this is a very, super new website with more content to come. I’m always excited when my colleagues have websites because it’s easier for me to share and connect them with other great folks!Read More →

Remote Capture: Digitising Documentary Heritage in Challenging Locations. Eds. Jody Butterworth, Andrew Pearson, Patrick Sutherland and Adam Farquhar. Open Book Publishers, 2018. I haven’t had time to read (only skim) and make notes. I hope to do so soon. This is too important and too useful of a resource to wait on notes, so writing now to help share news of this new resource!Read More →

Super excited to see that Dr. Alex Gil will be presenting at The University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica on May 2, 2018 at 6pm, as the Faculty of Humanities and Education 3rd Annual Distinguished Lecture, presenting “These Master’s Tools Ain’t Like the Others: Towards a Caribbean Digital Humanities Praxis.” The event page is: See more about Alex and his work on his website and Twitter.  I wish I could be there! This will be fantastic, and will amplify news on ongoing great work and help activate connections for new work! I look forward to hearing all about the lecture, and all about soRead More →