These are very brief notes from a beautifully written book. The book feels like poetry, and I makes me long for walking familiar and new paths, to be fully present on the wandering and wondering in life, and in life outside. I hope for a day when I can know the world over days and weeks of walking paths, sleeping under the sky, and waking “powdered in pollen” (page 255). Robert Macfarlane. The Old Ways: a Journey on Foot. New York: Penguin Books, 2012. Page 16: “Scandinavian customary right of Allemansrätten (‘Everyman’s right’). This convention – born of a region that did not pass throughRead More →

The Libraries at UF are partnering with HathiTrust to host text mining workshops at UF in Library West in the Scott Nygren Scholars Studio (212) on October 1 and 2. Priority registration is for those from HathiTrust member institutions.  The registration links and more details are below. **Please note that you can only register as either a Librarian or a Researcher. October 1 will be a workshop for Librarians, while October 2 will be a workshop for Researchers. No experience with text mining is required, so if this is something you’re interested in exploring, please consider it! — Registration Links Librarian (train the trainer session;Read More →

Thanks to Anastasia Ulanowicz for writing “Remembering Don Ault.” Don taught and lived principles of solidarity, mutual aid, generous thinking, shine theory, and more. He believed in people, and taught so many of us by his action and his work, where we developed our ways of working generously and with compassion as our habits, our standard practices.  Ulanowicz beautifully pays tribute to Don, and to our communities and ways of being in “Remembering Don Ault”. Please read this because it is happy, joyous, true, and inspiring for our collective work and struggle. Thanks to you, Anja, for writing this!Read More →

See the full posting here, This is another member of our development team, which works heavily with my department, Digital Partnerships & Services, and other awesome folks in Digital Services, internationally with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and many other partners at UF and beyond. The person in this position will work with great folks, on meaningful and important work to enable worldwide access to important materials, permanent digital preservation, and community and capacity building work in digital scholarship! The posting starts with: POSITION VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT POSITION: Digital Collections Front-End Web Programmer – Web Developer 2 REPORTS TO: Head, Digital Development SALARY: MinimumRead More →

This volume, tentatively titled Revealing Meaning: Feminist Methods in Digital Scholarship, will gather chapters in which digital methodologies can engage directly with intersectional feminist scholarship. The sheer volume of data available online (primary and secondary source material, social, political, environmental, personal, etc) offers the opportunity to investigate previously inaccessible or otherwise understudied research topics. As white, female, academic editors of this book, we recognize that the web is biased towards white, middle-to-upper class men (Wagner et al, 2015, Sengupta and Graham, 2017, Wellner and Rothman, 2019). Thus, we are interested in how digital research, broadly conceived, makes room for alternative methods and approaches and opens theRead More →