With three iPhone apps out, downloads have increased, with 45 downloads of the main SobekPH App from 3/1-3/7/2010, 14 downloads of the Baldwin SobekPH app, and 5 downloads of the UF Archives SobekPH App. Given that the Baldwin and UF Archives apps were only out for 1/2 of the week, 19 downloads in just a few days means we’re already showing great results for sharing the UF Digital Collections more widely. Hopefully all of the folks downloading the apps are also showing the apps and sharing with friends!Read More →

As usage of the self-submittal and online metadata editing systems for the UF Digital Collections have continued to increase, new supports were needed to support the additional users. To provide those supports, the former UFDC_CM application has been integrated into UFDC/SobekCM and additional functionality has been added. These improvements are releasing next week, but most users won’t notice any changes. For internal users these are immensely helpful, and worthy of announcing and celebrating. With this upgrade, UFDC will now include administrator options so that: Admin users can adjust permissions on existing UFDC users (help page) Admin users can add new aggregation aliases for forwarding purposesRead More →