The announcement below is from an email list announcing a new journal, the Journal of eScience. We are pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of the Journal of eScience Librarianship (, a new online journal published by the Lamar Soutter Library at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  The Journal of eScience Librarianship is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that advances the theory and practice of librarianship with a special focus on services related to data-driven research in the physical, biological, and medical sciences.  The inaugural issue includes the Proceedings of the Third Annual University of Massachusetts and New England Area Librarian e-Science Symposium heldRead More →

This is reposted from the full job advertisement: DEPARTMENT HEAD, DIGITAL LIBRARY SERVICES Position and Responsibilities: Georgia State University Library seeks an enthusiastic, collegial, service-oriented and dynamic head of Digital Library Services who will provide leadership and management for web services, network and desktop systems, and digital initiatives. The Digital Library Services Department Head, reporting to the Associate Dean, Digital Library Services and Special Collections, leads a department consisting of two library faculty and five staff members, and serves on the library administrative team that provides overall direction for the library in fulfilling the research, teaching, and service mission of the University. The department headRead More →

Conferences I’m looking forward to in the New Year and next year include, although I may or may not be able to attend all of these: MLA 2012, Digital Assembly (at UF), ACURIL, NFAIS, HASTAC, and MLA 2013.Read More →

It’s been years (too many) since I’ve updated my website or my web presence online. In trying to catch up, I just noticed Google Scholar Citations (more from the Google Scholar Blog). I hadn’t heard about this before so I don’t know if that means this is still new to everyone with it being openly released in November 2011, that I’m more terribly behind than I realized and it’s already old to everyone, it isn’t very useful (in which case my newly made public profile could be awkward), or something else. From my brief use of Google Scholar Citations thus far, it looks a littleRead More →

MLA’s Profession 2011 is out and it includes six articles within the section on “Evaluating Digital Scholarship.” All of the articles within “Evaluating Digital Scholarship” are openly available (no library subscription needed), excellent, timely, and needed. It is critically important for academia to engage and grapple with concerns over the evaluation of digital scholarship. This work is specifically needed to develop the necessary supports for evaluating digital scholarship as scholarship that “counts” for promotion and tenure. The official evaluation is difficult because traditional reporting separates work into three categories: research, teaching (or core job duties in some instances, as it is for me as a tenure-trackRead More →

Computational Culture: a Journal of Software Studies is a new journal with the first issue expected this fall. I’m late in announcing this, but it’s an important journal and worth repeating earlier announcements on it. From the homepage of Computational Culture: Computational Culture is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of inter-disciplinary enquiry into the nature of the culture of computational objects, practices, processes and structures. The journal’s primary aim is to examine the ways in which software undergirds and formulates contemporary life. Computational processes and systems not only enable contemporary forms of work and play and the management of emotional life but also drive theRead More →

University of Florida Event on October 4, 2011, 6pm: Jane McGonigal: Author and world-renowned gaming expert Jane McGonigal, PhD, is an expert on alternate reality games and a renowned game developer. She is the New York Times bestselling author of Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. She has appeared at TED, the New Yorker, and the Web 2.0 summit, among others. Business Week has named her “one of the top 10 innovators to watch.” Watch Jane McGonigal on the Colbert Report. Text above from the Bob Graham Center for Public Service and available directly from theRead More →

At the end of April, arXiv posted an update on their sustainability initiative. This and all arXiv sustainability work should be mandatory reading for all who are working on large, collaborative digital initiatives. Recent updates include the 2011 projected budget and the full support documentation are also available.Read More →