Brown University’s Center for Digital Scholarship ( (CDS) and the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage ( (JNBC) are seeking individuals to apply for a fellowship to direct the digital aspects of the Fox Point Community History Project. The digital fellow will work with faculty and staff in both the CDS and JNBC as well as other Brown faculty and students undertaking related work to develop an online public history resource that incorporates oral history, primary documents (photographs, letters, clippings), geospatial data, documentary film, statistical data and other materials. This multidimensional, interactive framework will provide avenues for both scholarly and publicRead More →

The Pennsylvania State University Libraries seeks a Digital Collections Curator to play a key role in the further development of our electronic content stewardship and publishing programs. These programs will be developed through a strategic and dynamic partnership between the Penn State Libraries and Information Technology Services (ITS). The Digital Collections Curator will lead the Libraries’ efforts to develop and plan user focused services that enable the effective creation, sharing, discovery, and use of digital content in support of research, teaching and learning. The Digital Collections Curator collaborates extensively with colleagues throughout the Libraries and ITS to achieve his or her objectives. The Curator willRead More →

Yale is hiring for a Librarian for Digital Humanities Research and some of the job announcement information is below. The Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) still has an opening for a Digital Services Librarian and they’re awesome and working at FCLA means working with UF (and we’re great too!). While the two positions are very different, all digital library positions include some level of digital humanities research because as more stuff goes online, it’s even easier to do more with it. While a few old maps, newspapers, and photos may not seem to be essential humanities materials aside from their particular area relevance, havingRead More →