I’m always looking for other project examples of digital humanities and digital library collaborations. I’m especially interested in small and mid-scale examples, where researchers have data sets of digital files of their primary research materials. In some cases, these may be statistical data sets and in others these may be sets of files representing textual documents, image documents, artifacts, and others. Good examples of these data sets  can be used to show how much primary resource documentation and digitization researchers conduct, how these resources are part of and inform the scholarly process, and how sharing these resources can enrich the final research publications and entireRead More →

News Release: Digital Library Federation Launches New Web Site March 7, 2011—The Digital Library Federation (DLF), a program of the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), today launched its new Web site at http://www.diglib.org. The site provides a dedicated space for the DLF community, while also serving as a resource and communication hub around important ideas and trends developing in the broader digital library community. “The new DLF site will facilitate conversations, raise awareness, and provide a space for collaboration,” said DLF Program Director Rachel Frick. “It is where you learn not only what is being done, but also how to actively contribute toRead More →

The Head of Digital Scholarship and Production Services provides leadership, vision, and strategic direction for the Duke University Libraries’ services to support digital scholarship and the Libraries’ production of digital content primarily from their distinctive holdings, both of which involve work by staff in multiple departments. She/he cultivates a forward-looking, collaborative environment and sets high user-centered service standards; works closely with faculty and students as well as other library staff; and directs the staff and administers the budget of the Digital Scholarship and Production Services Department. Responsibilities Working with colleagues throughout the Libraries, develops a cohesive program and suite of services that support scholars engagedRead More →

News posting from here. Berkman Center Announces Digital Public Library Planning Initiative December 13, 2010 – The Berkman Center for Internet and Society today announced that it will host a research and planning initiative for a “Digital Public Library of America.” With funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Berkman will convene a large and diverse group of stakeholders in a planning program to define the scope, architecture, costs and administration for a proposed Digital Public Library of America. “We’re grateful to Berkman for coordinating this historic effort to create a Digital Public Library of America and to fulfill the vision of an open, distributedRead More →

There’s now an iPhone App specifically for the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and it’s available here. dLOC was already included as one of the collections in an earlier app. The specialized app is simply targeted to dLOC alone. This is just one more way to enjoy the amazing materials shared by so many partners who all contribute to and build the Digital Library of the Caribbean. All of dLOC’s wonderful resources are available online through the dLOC website, with new resources add on an ongoing basis: http://dloc.com/Read More →

The report won’t be out until after the meeting this May, but Computer Forensics and Born-Digital Content in Cultural Heritage Collections should be exciting and timely reading for everyone involved in supporting cultural heritage collections.Read More →

Celebrate the official launch of the Jamaica Journal online in the Digital Library of the Caribbean: Jamaica Journal Historical Collection Online November 15, 2009, 4-6pm Florida International University; Green Library 220 Event will feature Jamaican writer Donna Weir-Soley, reading from her book, Eroticism, Spirituality, and Resistance in Black Women’s Writings. Tour an exhibit featuring the Jamaica Journal with presentations from the Institute of Jamaica. Admission is FREE and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Subscriptions to the Jamaica Journal and books by Weir-Soley will be available for purchase and signing. Co-Sponsors Include: Air Jamaica, Jamaican Information Service, Jamaica Tourist Board, and the LatinRead More →

In practice, development doesn’t stop. Recognise this and deal with it. “The coolest thing…” The biggest risk is that premature proscription prevents the coolest thing. Is this a problem? Only if the system is considered as a whole. Decompose system into independent components that are tractable. – Neil Jefferies, “Persistent IT Architectures: Building Digital Archives That Last” from the Digital Repositories Workshop: Tools and Infrastructure,23 April 2009.Read More →

The Pennsylvania State University Libraries seeks a Digital Collections Curator to play a key role in the further development of our electronic content stewardship and publishing programs. These programs will be developed through a strategic and dynamic partnership between the Penn State Libraries and Information Technology Services (ITS). The Digital Collections Curator will lead the Libraries’ efforts to develop and plan user focused services that enable the effective creation, sharing, discovery, and use of digital content in support of research, teaching and learning. The Digital Collections Curator collaborates extensively with colleagues throughout the Libraries and ITS to achieve his or her objectives. The Curator willRead More →

The New York Times has an article “Digital Archivists, Now in Demand” and it’s great to see the field recognized and growing! I’m not sure where they got the salary information though, but perhaps the field pays more in some areas than others. Regardless of the financial compensation, working with issues of digital preservation and with the actual materials to-be-digitized is incredibly rewarding and there’s always more to learn.Read More →