Shared from the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium: DEADLINES: Applications are due August 15, 2017. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by September 1, 2017. WORKSHOP DATES: October 31-November 1, 2017 The Florida Digital Humanities consortium (FLDH) is pleased to invite applications to a tools workshop for fall 2017 entitled: “Information Analysis:  The Role of Visualization Tools and Cloud Computing Platforms in Collaborative Research and Teaching.” The target audience for this workshop is individuals interested in learning about visualization and cloud computing tools.  The goal of the institute is to assist them in understanding the multiple ways Voyant, Tableau, and cloud computing can facilitate interdisciplinary digital humanities researchRead More →

Note: UF is a member of LPC, the amazing Suzanne Stapleton is our representative, and I’m on the LPC Board and working on the Library Publishing Curriculum project, so I am excited to work with whoever joins the fabulous Educopia team, too! Thanks to Melanie Schlosser @mbschloss for sharing this.  See below for an exciting opportunity with Educopia. This person will play an important role for the LPC community, as half of their time will be dedicated to managing the Library Publishing Curriculum project. Keep reading for details and please share! **************************************************************************** It is our great pleasure to announce that Educopia is hiring a two-year position. If you knowRead More →

The full piece by Oonya Kempadoo “‘Thanks, But . .’  Race and the Politics of Aid and Charity” published on Repeating Islands should be read and shared as widely as possible. I’d like to highlight one small bit: Digging deeper to refocus, beyond guilt, beyond ego, without diminishing compassion or the spirit of generosity, within our own countries, communities or with the other, is necessary but not easily done. Looking at poverty and injustices in your own backyard is not easy, particularly if you think of yourself or your country and culture as better off. The whole piece is fabulous, and this part is particularly strikingRead More →

Please join us for this exciting and important discussion! Please share and promote widely! ******************************************************** Clifford Lynch wrote in Rethinking Institutional Repository Strategies: Report of a CNI Executive Roundtable, “The Digital Humanities/IR relationship is very important. For faculty aggressively embracing DH work, and producing new genres of scholarly output that don’t fit within the existing publishing (and hence stewardship and preservation) systems, the ability to shift access and preservation of their work into an institutional setting is essential to legitimizing this work.” Digital scholarship presents a similar set of challenges and opportunities to library publishers. How can we support scholars in creating complex digital products?Read More →

More incomplete notes from different sources, and sharing as usual in case of use/interest for others and to make these easier for me to find. Lauren F. Klein and Matthew K. Gold. “Digital Humanities: The Expanded Field.” Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016. Eds. Matthew K. Gold and Lauren F. Klein. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2016. Pages ix-xv: Page xiii: “The 2012 edition of Debates in the Digital Humanitiesintervened in the discourse of the field by highlighting pedagogy as the neglected “stepchild” of DH, with several chapters arguing that teaching had been diminished in favor of research-focused projects (Brier; Waltzer). That volume included anRead More →

The University of The Bahamas is a fantastic institution, with so many wonderful colleagues! Please share this job posting, and please consider applying! CAMPUS LIBRARIAN – LIBRARIAN II – NORTHERN BAHAMAS Institution: University of The Bahamas Location: Nassau, Bahamas Category: Admin – Libraries Application Due: Ongoing until filled! Type: Full TimeThe University Libraries is seeking a full-time Librarian to lead the strategic development of library services at its Northern Bahamas Campus.The incumbent will be a dynamic, innovative individual with strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills that engender excellence in librarianship, customer service, collegiality and professionalism.The successful candidate will demonstrate sound understanding of emerging technologies andRead More →

POSITION: Metadata Librarian RANK: Assistant University Librarian or Associate University Librarian REPORTS TO: Chair, Digital Production Services SALARY: Actual salary will reflect selected professional’s experience and credentials Minimum Salary at the Assistant Librarian rank is $48,492 Minimum Salary at the Associate Librarian rank is $56,098 REQUISITION #: 502568 DEADLINE DATE: July 17, 2017. Review of applications will begin June 15, 2017 NOTE: Office located off campus Please note that this posting has specific instructions for the submission of application materials – see our website at: or the APPLICATION PROCESS section below for further details. Failure to submit the required documents may result in theRead More →

APPLY TO AN OBJECT LESSONS WORKSHOP Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities How can scholars and nonfiction authors write for broader audiences while maintaining intellectual rigor and developing their academic profiles? This NEH institute is designed for academics and writers who seek to write and publish for broad audiences, particularly about contemporary technology, everyday objects, and digital culture. The institute’s workshops—geared to scholars as well as nonfiction writers from across disciplines—aim to better equip participants to pitch their ideas and publish their writing in venues that exist fruitfully between both traditional academic and trade publishing routes. The workshops are hosted by Dr. IanRead More →

MANLIBNET 2017 International Conference on INNOVATION IN LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY,SERVICES AND RESOURCES -CURRENT TRENDS IN LIBRARIES GLOBALLY,SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2017. Organized Jointly By JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, NOIDA and MANAGEMENT LIBRARIES NETWORK BACKGROUND Automation and digitalization of libraries has a topic of past decade and both of these are considered as a must for any library today. What is currently trending and emphasized upon is innovative practices adopted by libraries globally those attract and bind the users to the library. Some libraries talk about more and more technology adoption; RFID technology, mobile-apps for providing user services; reaching to the patrons at their doorstep, opening library kiosks i.e.Read More →

This note is far too quick, and I have much to add on this absolutely fabulous and essential article! For now, posting even with minimal notes just to have this to be able to answer emails that need this reference! Citation: Alex Gil and Élika Ortega. “Global Outlooks in Digital Humanities: Multilingual Practices and Minimal Computing.” Doing Digital Humanities: Practice, Training, Research. Eds. Crompton, Constance, Richard J. Lane, and Raymond G. Siemens. New York: Routledge, 2016: 22-34. Page 28: MINIMAL COMPUTING Minimal computing as a conceptual provocation has been around GO::DH since the formative days of INKE’s Birds-of-a-Feather gathering in Havana (“Havana Gathering”). As aRead More →